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#GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity that takes place on November 28, 2023. It's an opportunity for people around the world to come together to thank, help, give, show kindness, and share what they have with those in need.

We ask that you DONATE TODAY to make a difference in the lives of Akumal children

Two years ago, we decided to focus our fundraising efforts around the #GivingTuesday theme, in order to maximize awareness for Hekab Be around this international initiative.  Your response was overwhelming and your donations allowed us to enter 2022 and 2023 with close to half of our annual operating expenses covered. It has allowed us to be more strategic with our time and efforts and we didn't have to constantly ask for donations as has been the case in the prior years.  Thank you!

Once again, our goal is to enter 2024 with half of our Operations Expenses covered by our fundraising efforts on #GivingTuesday.  Our Operating expenses cover teachers' salaries, utilities, never-ending building maintenance, classroom supplies and double-digit inflation.  If we can walk into 2024 without this expense looming over our heads, then we have the freedom to focus on the kiddos.  

All donations are deductible for US taxpayers.

Hekab Be Biblioteca 501(c)3

Tax ID #26-2750810

Please contact us for a tax receipt. 

Donations can be made via:

  • PayPal:  Click HERE and please choose the "friends and family" option to avoid fees.  Also, consider setting up a monthly recurring donation to Hekab Be.  PayPal gives you that option!

  • Zelle: Donate straight from most U.S. bank accounts using the Zelle feature.  From your mobile banking app, scan the above Zelle QR code to donate directly to our bank account!

  • Facebook Fundraiser: Encourage all of your friends and family to donate to Hekab Be Biblioteca on your behalf.  Find Hekab Be Biblioteca under "Fundraisers" and FaceBook will guide you through the steps.

  • Check:  Checks in USD can be mailed payable to: Hekab Be Biblioteca

Hekab Be Biblioteca, Inc.

306 St Andrews Rd.

Newport Beach, CA 92663​

Encourage your friends to support us too!
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A few things we’ve accomplished in 2023:

  • With the assistance of some wonderful volunteers, all of the children are learning English one day per week.  This will give them a significant advantage in the future with options for better paying jobs and/or admssion to university.

  • We took Summer Camp to the next level with a sleep-away element in jungle dorms for the little kids and tents on the beach for the older kids.

  • After 35 years, the electrical outlets and wiring have started to fail.  Thanks to the generosity of a local Mexican-owned company, we were able to begin the process of replacing all of these parts.  We're half way through this project and hope to complete it in 2024.

  • We have started the process of filing for Mexican non-profit status.  Due to the nature of our structure, it's a lengthy process.  Once completed, this will allow us to solicit for donations from Mexican companies.  Once this is complete, then the new Hekab Be Mexican Board, in conjunction with the Hekab Be staff, will manage programming and oversight of Hekab Be.  At that point, the US 501(c)3 will only serve as the fundraising and marketing arm.

  • If you haven't visited us in a few years - pelase come say "hi"!  You won't recognzie the place! 


Our focus for 2024:

  • Completion of the Mexican non-profit process and establishment of Mexican Board to assume oversight and day-to-day operations of Hekab Be.

  • Renovation of our one unused classroom to convert it into storage and an apartment for an on-site caretaker and part-time teacher.

  • Cement our relationship with the new Colegio Internacional Aleman de la Riviera Maya.  This internationally known private school has opened a campus for K-12 in Akumal.  We're in discussions with their Director to create some incredible opportunities for our kiddos!  More details will be provided in a future newsletter!

  • The return of the Akumal Arts Festival is slated for April 2024.

  • The opening of the Akumal Art & Water Community Park in Akumal pueblo for children to have a safe, water-centric play area. The children in the pueblo have very little access to our beautiful beaches. ☹️ It's possible we'll pull this off before the end of 2023!  Our transformer has arrived and now we're waiting on CFE paperwork so we can hook up the lines and test the pumps!

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