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Were it not for the generosity of so many of our donors, volunteers and supporters, we would have never been able to accomplish this recent Projects!  Thank youfor supporting our efforts to create a facility and programming that nurtures and educates the Akumal children!

classroom repairs at Hekab be in Akumal


We were incredibly busy in 2021 and 2022 with fundraising for desperately needed repairs and renovations.  Many parts of our buildings and grounds have not had maintenance for 30+ years and it was becoming dangerous for the children. 


Thanks to the generosity of some key donors, we have been able to plow through with some of the very necessary renovations and repairs. We now have repaired walls and roofs, shiny new bathrooms, 2 storage rooms, created a new concrete sports area for basketball, soccer, volleyball (even pickleball!), a new gate and new perimeter fence, new playground equipment, as well as happy painted murals on most of the buildings

We're so very grateful to all of you that were instrumental in making this happen!

But we'd like to give a special shout-out to The Gwen Josh Foundation, Loco Gringo, Akumal Direct Reservations and Shotsie Forsythe.


We're now replacing decades-old electrical wiring and poles so we find ourselves in need of funding for these projects.  No donation is too small! 

AAF 2022 Hekab Be installation


​Key to the success of the Akumal Arts Festival held annually in Akumal Pueblo is the involvement of every school age child in the town.  Each year the festival team includes Kaori and her teachers to create a pilot art project for Hekab Be students.  It is then offered in different Akumal schools and classes.  The artwork is installed as the festival is kicking off, often staying in place for years. 


Our 2022 installation for the 4th annual Akumal Arts Festival (Jan 28-30) was a series of mobiles created from recycled plastic bottle caps, wine corks, plastic bottles and CD's/DVD's. Go take a look at all of the kid's creativity along the center median path the next time you're in the pueblo!

As the Akumal Arts Festival is taking a break in 2023, we'll announce our 2024 project in the Fall of 2023.

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