classroom repairs at Hekab be in Akumal


We have been incredibly busy in 2021 with fundraising for desperately needed repairs and renovations.  Many parts of our buildings and grounds have not had maintenance for 30+ years and it was becoming dangerous for the children. 


Thanks to the generosity of some key donors, we have been able to plow through with some of the very necessary renovations and repairs.  But we've still got close to $6,000 USD in repairs completed but not paid for yet: repairing roof to eliminate leaks and water intrusion into the walls, as well as finishing up a secured storage room. If you can help us to pay for these renovations, we'd be very grateful!


​Key to the success of the Akumal Arts Festival held annually in Akumal Pueblo is the involvement of every school age child in the town.  Each year the festival team includes Kaori and her teachers to create a pilot art project for Hekab Be students.  It is then offered in different Akumal schools and classes.  The artwork is installed as the festival is kicking off, often staying in place for years.

Health Education Center at Hekab be in Akumal


​Many expats and tourists want to donate medical supplies as well as their time and expertise in helping to empower the local population to adopt better health and medical routines.  We would like to convert our 3rd unused classroom into a Health Education Center to maximize the impact of the assets being generously offered.


In keeping with the Hekab Be mission of providing educational opportunities for children and adults, families can be educated on a variety of preventative care techniques and provided with the tools and equipment, all free of charge.  We expect to be able to provide education on and supplies for dental health, glucose testing and referrals, basic health questionnaires, dispensing of readers and free basic eye exams, health and fitness classes, and meditation classes. 


We've set a goal of $8,000 USD for the repairs and renovations needed to convert the classroom into this facility.  We hope to achieve this in early 2022.  We'd be grateful for any donation that you are motivated to earmark for this newest initiative!

Once we open the facility, then we'll be looking for volunteers to help with the programming and testing.