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The After School Program ensures that many children of the pueblo can benefit by receiving continued educational instruction after the school day ends.  Since the pandemic and ongoing closure of schools, Hekab Be has been able to continue.  Morning classes for the youngest and afternoon classes for the older children has provided necessary socializing, as well as many fun learning activities.

Our goal is to keep the children excited about learning, and allow them to experience the richness of opportunities available to them.  We want students to stay in school and open more possibilities for their future.  And we keep it fun with occasional learning field trips to local beaches, cenotes, Monkey Sanctuary and other local areas of interest.


The focus on childhood development including emotional intelligence, assertiveness, values, problem solving and self-esteem feeds the future of Akumal.

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​We recognize how critical it is for children to continue to have access to education and physical fitness during the summer.  It's even more necessary during Covid when schools have not physically been in session for more than a year now.  Kaori and her team of teachers spend 4 weeks, mid-July through mid-August, with 70 children ensuring that they have access to a school curriculum during the summer.  We ensure that the parents also engage in this process by requiring each to volunteer for a portion of one day of Summer School Camp.

Christmas Pageant at Hekab be



During the winter holiday season, the Biblioteca students learn about different cultures as well as traditions that make Christmas meaningful in their Akumal home. Preparing for the Christmas Pageant, teachers and students are create and practice dances, songs, and props. Moms make costumes. The performance and posada that follows is an annual tradition. Santa Claus stops for a visit where both fun and useful gifts are given. Games and activities are organized. Local restaurants donate food for kids and parents to enjoy.  We love to have visitors drop by to participate in the celebration!  Our 2021 celebration took place the afternoon of Wednesday, December 23rd.

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