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DONATE and make a difference in the lives of Akumal children

child drawing at Hekab be in Akumal

Donations can be made via:

  • PayPal:  Click HERE and please choose the "friends and family" option to avoid fees. Consider setting up Hekab Be for a monthly recurring donation. PayPal gives you that option!

  • Zelle: Donate straight from most U.S. bank accounts using the Zelle feature.  From your mobile banking app, scan the below Zelle QR code to donate directly to our bank account!

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraiser: A great way to celebrate your birthday is by encouraging all of your friends and family to donate to Hekab Be Biblioteca on your behalf.  Find Hekab Be Biblioteca under "Fundraisers" and FaceBook will guide you through the steps.

  • Check:  Checks in USD can be mailed payable to: Hekab Be Biblioteca


Hekab Be Biblioteca, Inc.

18 Saratoga Street

Newport Beach, CA 926630


girl with heart picture

Your donation can be earmarked to fund a specific Project or Program or can be a general donation to fund our Operating expenses.  Our Operating expenses cover teacher's salaries, utilities, never-ending building maintenance, and classroom supplies.

Currently, our Projects and Programs that require funding include:

  • upgrading electrical to 220v and adding more outlets

  • insulating classroom roofs

  • renovating one classroom for caretaker living quarters

All donations are deductible for US taxpayers.

Hekab Be Biblioteca 501(c)3

Tax ID #26-2750810

Please contact us for a tax receipt. 

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