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Our Team.

This is the small but mighty team of teachers that are incredibly committed to educating the children of the Akumal pueblo in our after-school classes as well as summer classes.  Their experience and enthusiasm have provided the children with a foundation for them to achieve a better future for themselves and for their extended family.

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Director, Fulltime Teacher

Our Director, Kaori Sueki, was born and raised in Yamanashi, Japan. She attended university and received a degree in graphic design. She has spent her entire career working for non-profits and in humanitarian efforts, most of the time mentoring and teaching children, as well as training teachers. Kaori spent 2 years in Nicaragua, helping to create an elementary school curriculum for a local school system. She arrived in Akumal in 2016 and taught English at Escuela Privada Inter de la Riviera for one year. She then taught kindergarten at the Montessori school for a year. Since early 2018, Kaori has been teaching at Hekab Be Biblioteca, adding the Director role to her responsibilities in 2019.


“I love the children of the Library very much, that is why I always think about the benefits of the children. I want children to enjoy having various experiences of various types of classes from a young age from which they discover their talents and their passions in life. We try to teach in a more fun and interesting way so that they feel learning and studying are fun and beautiful and will have a greater desire to learn every day, because education and knowledge is very important to everyone. I believe, and many scientists say that how a child spends their childhood will decide their future life.  Within our classes, children actively participate in a variety of classes and are encouraged to be social, achieve goals, give their opinion, speak in public, respect people and other cultures, as well as nature and animals, while enjoying playing sports, and engaging in other healthy activities. All of this is possible in the Biblioteca. I believe that we are providing a great foundation for them to continue to learn as adolescents and adults.”



Part-time Teacher

David is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, educated at Valladolid Yucatan University, followed by 4 years volunteering at the alterint clinic.  He has worked in Valladolid schools helping children with his expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral modification, physiotherapy, as well as environmental education.  David’s areas of focus are in promoting sexual health in middle and high schools, prevention of gender violence and addictions in adolescents.

David joined Hekab be Biblioteca in 2018 and has been such a positive influence on the children with his psychology training.  Many of the children of Akumal Pueblo lead lives of uncertainty, poverty and violence and David is able to provide a solid foundation for them to learn, grow and feel self-confident in their surroundings.


“My passion for the library is to see it transformed into a place where children develop their curiosity, are motivated to learn all kinds of social skills, develop their potential, self-confidence, discipline and leadership.  Since they are fundamental bases for your future and your community.”


David is also a Commercial fisherman and Certified commercial diver.  He’s a federally licensed guide, bird watcher and tour vendor.  He’s trained in first aid and is also a professional cyclist.  We’re not sure when he sleeps??



Fulltime Teacher

Lucy is 28 years old and exudes a warm and patient personality.  She began working in childcare at the age of 18 and currently has been working in the library for 4 years.

"I like the time we spend with the children in the library learning in a fun and creative way.  We are also getting to know the personality of each child to improve their skills.  I really enjoy doing each activity and project.  Together that motivates me to keep learning more so that I can teach the children more!"

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